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“Hey future: we do this together.”


Rachel Gertz

Co-founder, Digital PM Trainer at Loud­er Than Ten.


Sus­tain­able teams start with brave project leads

Rachel Gertz is Co-founder and Dig­i­tal PM Train­er at Loud­er Than Ten. She trains tech com­pa­nies how to knock their old project man­age­ment flows upside down by refin­ing the most valu­able steps in the process. Rachel helps com­pa­nies under­stand what project num­bers real­ly mean, and how to turn blocks into oppor­tu­ni­ties to build strong rela­tion­ships with their teams, cus­tomers, and clients. Her mis­sion at Loud­er Than Ten is to trans­form the tech indus­try by train­ing dig­i­tal com­pa­nies how to give back pow­er to the peo­ple lead­ing their projects. Rachel loves to sup­port the dig­i­tal PM com­mu­ni­ty and speak at events around the world that ele­vate the dig­i­tal project man­age­ment dis­ci­pline. She direct­ed the Van­cou­ver Dig­i­tal Project Man­agers group for sev­en years.

A lit­tle background

I am a trained teacher with a Psych and Com­mu­ni­ty Health back­ground and teach folks who man­age dig­i­tal projects in the US, Cana­da, and over­seas through Loud­er Than Ten. I train dig­i­tal project man­agers, account man­agers, pro­duc­ers, and team leads to hone their crit­i­cal think­ing and strate­gic approach­es so they can sup­port more prof­itable and healthy projects, while help­ing them define bet­ter com­mu­ni­ca­tion and oper­a­tional process­es, reset­ting stake­hold­er expec­ta­tions, and pro­vid­ing a frame­work for bet­ter esti­mat­ing, scop­ing, and report­ing work­flows — project leads learn while they work. 

Speak­ing and training

In addi­tion to design­ing and run­ning the appren­tice­ship, I also speak and do work­shops at local and inter­na­tion­al events, I sup­port the Van­cou­ver DPM meet­up and DPM Slack group. My love of learn­ing and uncon­ven­tion­al approach is root­ed in my English/​Education degree, my pas­sion for sys­tems think­ing and prob­lem-based learn­ing, and sev­er­al years of pro­gram man­age­ment expe­ri­ence work­ing with both kids and adults in lit­er­a­cy, health­care, and sui­cide prevention. 

Where to find me

If you look for me, I’ll be teach­ing cur­ricu­lum, flex­ing my writ­ing fin­gers for our dig­i­tal mag­a­zine, Coax, speak­ing (or rant­i­ng) about sus­tain­able process­es while uphold­ing our wicked team. I’m thrilled that I get to wake up, shuf­fle to work, and help my team build pro­grams that pro­mote empa­thy, encour­age inclu­siv­i­ty, close the skills gap, and pre­pare peo­ple for the changes that will come with job automation.

Help­ing projects and people

I’ve been train­ing project leads, free­lancers, and com­pa­nies while pro­vid­ing work­shops in project man­age­ment, process, and dig­i­tal strat­e­gy since 2012. Before that, I was a remote and in-house dig­i­tal PM and busi­ness devel­op­er for sev­er­al bou­tique agen­cies in Cana­da and the US includ­ing our own stu­dio since good old 2009. I’ve also been writ­ing con­tent since I had fin­gers and a spinal cord. Con­tent strat­e­gy and UX anchors every­thing I do. I’ve also got a love for and appre­ci­a­tion for oper­a­tions and finan­cials — espe­cial­ly teach­ing appren­tices how their orga­ni­za­tions make and lose mon­ey so they can sup­port its prof­itabil­i­ty and sus­tain­abil­i­ty. I believe that project man­age­ment is a skill as much as it is a role. Every­one ben­e­fits from learn­ing the ropes. 

We believe in an eth­i­cal tech­no­log­i­cal future

Fun­da­men­tal­ly, we believe that soft­ware can solve incred­i­bly big and com­plex prob­lems, but in order to do that, high­ly intu­itive, adap­tive lead­ers need to run those teams so they can stay focused on build­ing things our world actu­al­ly needs. Good process­es ele­vate our indus­try and good peo­ple enable us to solve prob­lems that mat­ter. We need more of both.

We sup­port community

We see a dig­i­tal com­mu­ni­ty that is get­ting stronger and are doing what­ev­er it takes to decrease silos and bar­ri­ers for peo­ple who are inter­est­ed in doing cre­ative work togeth­er. This means sup­port­ing a diverse com­mu­ni­ty of dig­i­tal project leads and their teams and encour­ag­ing every­one to embrace con­tin­u­ous improve­ment. We also aim to help fix the intense short­age of project and prod­uct man­agers as indus­tries are thrown side­ways by tech­no­log­i­cal advance­ment. We believe that project leads are the lynch­pins in this indus­try: they have the pow­er to shape their orga­ni­za­tions and help them thrive. Now, we have to con­nect these com­mu­ni­ties around the world and start reshap­ing the tech industry.

Bot­tom line

Peo­ple who man­age oth­er peo­ple and their projects need love and sup­port. They’re cre­ative thinkers, they’re adept, they’re com­plex prob­lem solvers. They’re love­able hardass­es who cham­pi­on their teams. And for that rea­son and all of the above, we will spend our lives sup­port­ing, cel­e­brat­ing, and uphold­ing them. 

Speak­ing events

  • DPM Sum­mit, Mem­phis (Keynote)
  • Ground Con­trol, London
  • Design & Con­tent Con­fer­ence, Vancouver
  • Van­cou­ver Design Week, Vancouver
  • DPM Sum­mit, Philly
  • DPM Sum­mit, Austin
  • Trade School, Vancouver
  • Pecha Kucha, Calgary

Recent work­shops

  • Dotall, Mon­tréal
  • Bridg­ing the Gap Between Sales and Project Man­age­ment, Kick­ass PM
  • Words & pix­els, Vancouver
  • Soap! Krakow
  • Giant Con­fer­ence, Charleston
  • Every Day DPM work­shop, Vancouver
  • Bureau of Dig­i­tal; DPM Sum­mit, Philly

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